The Rockabilly band Dawg House is no more!

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Extract from the website in 2006

'Dawg House play Rock 'n' Roll like it should be played'

Dawg House Rockabilly BandSince October 1991 this rockabilly band have been writing, recording and performing their own take on Rock 'n' Roll music from the 1950's era. Covering the songs of rock 'n' roll and rockabilly artists such as Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and Little Richard along with their own original material and huge, cheesy grins!

Members of Dawg House Rockabilly band have also been recording and performing with other bands on the rockabilly and psychobilly scene such as 'Shock Therapy', 'The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo', 'Hot Rockin', 'Good Rockin' Tonight' and 'The Small Town Giants'.

Recordings from Dawg House have been released on some of the worlds most formost 'billy' labels such as Raucous, Crazy Love, Rockhouse, Bone Tone and Vampirella. Numerous appearances in international publications, radio and TV, along with hundreds of live appearances, have made Dawg House one of Norfolk's best known and best loved rockabilly acts.


The unfinished, unreleased track "Final Justice" recorded in 1996 by Dawg House has just been completed and is in the process of being released on a new CD from Cherry Red to compliment the release of their new book based on the archives of the classic "Deathrow Database" magazine.

Western Star 2 - Depravity in Zero Gravity.Rockabilly song; "Body Snatchers got my Dog" now available on the Western Star Recording Company release: "Depravity in Zero Gravity" along with a load of other great rockabilly and psychobilly bands.

Take me to the Those Deadbeat Cats.